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Located in the heart of the Benelux, AB Investment is a premier investment company, founded in 2010. We have led the pack for more than 10 years, building our expertise into a knowledge franchise that is recognized as the dominant force in commercial real estate and investment banking by private investors and institutions alike.

Our unrivaled combination of capital markets know-how and in-depth understanding of real estate fundamentals allows us to deliver on our promises in order to meet the precise needs of our clients.

The corporate vision serves as the basic policy in conducting our business activities, and provides guidelines for all group activities. The corporate vision also is the foundation for management decisions, including the formulation of management strategies and management plans, and serves as the core value for all employees.

In the last 15 years AB Investment has invested over 100 million € in various real estate projects, such as luxury hotels, villas & corporate buildings.


AB Investment leverages its high-level expertise in all aspects of real estate including investment, development, asset management, leasing and operations, to deliver optimal returns for its investors.

Our team is "professional, well run ... prepared to go that extra mile" and has "magic circle quality but with a refreshing personal touch".

Our business is built around developing lasting relationships and making a positive contribution to our clients’ businesses.


About Services

AB Investment provides end-to-end property investment services to investors around the world. We are the trusted partner you need to seamlessly guide you through the complex world of international property investment. We are here from the initial analysis, advice, financing and process support through to ongoing management and, ultimately, the perfectly timed achievement of returns.

About Services

Over the years, AB Investment has become highly proficient in unlocking the investment potential within the world’s real estate markets. Our clients who are interested in investing nationally and internationally trust us to offer considered, expert investment advice and provide access to high-quality investment opportunities. We help our clients make the potential of investing in property a successful part of their personal wealth strategies.

About Services

Because every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest, we will not presume to guess which elements of the AB Investment proposition are most important to you, but we will say we are confident we can make property investment work better for you than any other firm operating in our markets. We’ll manage the acquisition process for you, right through to completion.